What will you be remembered for?

wazzup out there?

Most of the kids growing up in a ghetto ends up being a criminal and so on. But you could actually turn it to something positive. I know a lot of good great people growing up in ghettos. They all said that the ghetto made them stronger etc.
I mean, of course it is not a good start of life, but it is a choice that you have. You can turn it to your edvantage og not.
Thats my opinion.

Therefore I have made this video for all the ghetto kids out there.
My plan in the beginning was that I wanted to talk instead of writing the things down, but I couldn’t get it to fit with the images and music and so on.

I’ve put the video on youtube, so everyone has access to it. Hopefully it will inspire a lot of kids possibly in the ghettos.

It only takes 2 minutes of your time, so go see it on the link below, and spread the words!

–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgrmFx8hAJ0 <–

Have a nice week 
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Gangs in America

Los Angeles is a huge city full of violence and crime. In the city there are a lot of ghettos, where gangs like blood and Crips are located, who is the most well-known gangs in L.A. In the 1980s and 1990s the number of gangs in LA raised a lot. You can find the two gangs Bloods and Crips in most of the big cities in USA and they are fighting against each other. The two gangs are predominately African American and have their own area, we can call it a ghetto or a zone in L.A and many others cities. Other gangs can’t go in another gangs zone without getting kill or get beaten or if they are lucky a warning.

Crips was the first gang on the street of the two gang’s bloods and Crips and they are wearing blue close. Later another gang started called bloods, who were primarily old Crips members. They were working together with a lot of other gangs in L.A. so they grew fast to a huge gang like Crips.

As I know a ghetto is a bad environment and aren’t a good place to grow up. In a ghetto there is lots of crime and violence, which primarily is made by gangs who live in the ghettos.

What do you think about gangs in America? And do you know other cities in America who have many ghettos and gangs?

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Growing up in a Ghetto – Disadvantage

Hi guys, listen up for second…

Last day we posted the good things about growing up in a ghetto.

Well, growing up in a ghetto is not easy at all.

The link http://www.thetrephine.com/2011/08/21/the-poverty-perspective-part-1-growing-up-ghetto/ tells us about a guy named Jen who has living in a ghetto. He explains the “ghetto life” and what he has seen. The kids in his neighborhood had experienced parents killing each other, violence, rape and shooting. Some of  the houses had no front door and it all seen broken. When you know how bad the world can be in as young an age, you will not trust anybody in the future.

Ghettokids are bored and they have nothing to do. They only have each other, so they become “brothers”. The kids are going into gangs, where they exercise violence, crime and rapes. The kids families are poor, so they can not pay to schools. The kids getting Dumb and use crime to get money and appreciation. It is all in a evil circle, because the kids are not in able to broke the social inheritance.

peace out!!!

Young kids in gangs and ghettos

Hello peeps

I found 11 very exciting facts about gangs in America on a website called www.dosomething.org/tipsandtools/11-facts-about-gangs. I was very surprised that so young kids join those hardcore gangs. But I found out of, it’s because they have a very hard childhood in the ghettos. They can’t come in prison if they are under 13 years, so lots of gangs use those kids to do some dirty work. Some of the young kids pick it themselves and other is “forced” to join a gang.

I think it’s sad to see the gangs force those young kids to do all that crime. When they first are in the gang they have hard to get out again.

  1. Today’s gangs are very sophisticated, crossing state lines to establish groups and recruit members as young as 10 years old in communities across the country.
  2. Gangs use children because they know that whatever the child under thirteen does, he or she cannot go to jail.
  3. 32.4% of all the nation’s cities, suburban towns and rural areas experienced gang problems in 2008.
  4. To gang members, graffiti is a marking of territorial boundaries and serves as a warning or challenge to a rival gang.
  5. Many kids join gangs because they do not receive adequate family attention, the gang provides love, identity and status; in turn they develop loyalty to the gang.
  6. Many different ethnic, racial and socioeconomic groups make up gangs.
  7. A number of well-known, wide-spread gangs such as the Crips, the Bloods and 18th Street originated in LA.
  8. Gangs remain the primary distributors of drugs throughout the U.S.
  9. Gangs are associating with organized crime entities, such as Mexican drug organizations, Asian criminal groups and Russian organized crime groups.
  10. The Department of Justice estimates there are approximately 27,900 gangs, with 774,000 members, impacting communities across the United States.
  11. Incarceration of gang members often does little to disrupt their activities, since high-ranking gang members are often able to exert their power on the street from within prison.

In my next blog post i will talk about some other point, as gangs in L.A like Bloods and Crips, which crime do they make and something about there territory and marking.

What do you think about young kid jointing a gang and live in a ghetto?

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