Usefull links about ghettos

Hi out there

We found these websites. We think they are useful. Take a look at them.


Tell us what you think about these links. Feel free to add other links.


4 thoughts on “Usefull links about ghettos

  1. Ha, number 8 is a fun one. It is interesting to see how a community can develop its own slang. 🙂 We have taken some of them in our own language as well. “Bail” is an example.

  2. Some very good links boys! when you read the links you get lots of good informations about ghettos.
    I think link number 1 is great, because there is not must facts as all the other links, but instead some fine pictures who clearly show what a ghetto looks like.

  3. A nice collection of links guys. I also like number 4 a lot. Very interesting facts about the gangs. I will definitely look through the rest of the links.
    I just have to add that I have troubles finding the blog: in your otherwise nice collection. If you don’t already know the blog, I can only recommend it.

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